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Hospital Answering

Answering medical calls takes an extra level of experience that VIP Connections has and understands. Our agents are HIPAA Certified and go through extensive training to make sure that your calls are handled correctly and timely.

Trust that you don’t have to answer every call with VIP Connections hospital answering service solutions.

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Physician Answering Service

Your patients require patience, we know this.  We also know that you need someone to filter your calls before they get to you.  If you were called for every prescription refill, your phone would always be ringing.  VIP Connections understands that and is here to escalate as needed and give you a break.

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Home Health Care

VIP Connections gives you time back in the day, how you use it is up to you.  Give yourself a break and forward your calls 24/7 or just after hours.  We can help you with our appointment setting services, paging, and dispatching.

VIP Connections gives your callers the attention they need and doesn’t take up your time.

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Assisted Living Live Answering

We know that it can be overwhelming to answer every call.  We also know that after a call, it takes on average 5 minutes to get back to what you were doing.  Trust us, we’ve experienced it.  Let us give you back more time in the day and the focus to get things done.

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Business Answering Service

VIP Connections knows that regardless of the size of your business, customers have to be the top priority.  We also know that there is a lot more to do than answer your customers calls and constant questions.  That’s where we come in.  Count on VIP Connections to answer the calls when you aren’t around or when you have other things to do.

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See what our customers say.

“I have been pleased with the professional and timely response I have always received from the supervisory staff at VIP Connections.  When I’ve had special requests they have always responded to the situation quickly and with care.  Whether that means providing additional training to staff on how to handle a call or accepting a heads up for a change, they are always ready.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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